Candyland – ['kenngelernt]

Candyland. The word brings to mind the images of lollipops, sweets, and pink-clouds of cotton candy, but this is not the Candyland i am referring to.

Not that long ago I met an American girl from the United States at a wedding. She couldn’t understand a single German word, but showed a great interest in the language and continued to ask me what the different words meant. The word she found most intriguing was “Candyland”.

She asked me: “What do people mean when they say… I don’t know, it kind of of sounds like Candyland or cangelernt, I don’t really know…”

Finally, I realized she was trying to say the word “Kennengelernt.” This is a German word for “get to know someone.” She kept hearing the word when talking to other guests at the party because people wanted to know how she got to know her boyfriend, whom was twin of the groom.

Candyland is the perfect word to describe my work over the past year. My work is how I got to know all of these beautiful and talented models featured here in my book. This book showcases how intimate my work is with these professionals and how I was able to capture these natural and sensual pictures of them.

Candyland is all about meeting people, making good memories, and having a great time – exactly what life is all about.


Patrick Ludolph / neunzehn72



Jedes Buch ist gestempelt, nummeriert und signiert.

1. Auflage / 2. Auflage
500 Exemplare / 300 Exemplare

14,8 x 21 cm



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